Lio M.

178.0 cm / 5'8
41 EU / N/A US / N/A UK
Dark brown

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Print ad - Directory

Paid advertisment in a printed directory

Print ad - Freestanding insert

Removable printed insert in a newspaper of magazine

Print ad - Magazine and newspaper

Paid advertisement in a printed magazine or newspaper

Print ad - Event Program

Paid advertisement in a printed program of a sporting or an entertainment event

Display - Billboard

Outdoor billboard or wall mural, including electronic or moving billboards. If you require a larger than standard file size, please contact your local office for details on image availability and applicable fees.

Display - Non point of sale advertising

Includes outdoor print and electronic space advertising, including transit, wall space, bulletins and posters, vending machines, and movie theatre screen advertising.

Display - Point of sale

Includes all interior and internal print and electronic use categories(typically not paid advertising), including trade show panels, in-store displays, banners, table displays and points of sale.